Feast like a Pirate!

Dine like a Captain.

About The Captain's Boil

In the 70s Asian Fishermen that immigrated to the US Gulf Coast took the traditional Louisiana Creole inspired crawfish boil and enhanced the recipe. They added Asian aromatics to the boil - lemon grass, ginger - serving it with garlic butter and a blend of Asian spices. This created a seafood boil that is a fusion of Cajun and Asian flavors. The Captain's Boil is first in Toronto to bring you this fresh, flavorful, and fun experience. We take the freshest seafood, toss it in a blend of secret, Asian inspired spices and aromatics. We serve it messy to let you enjoy it in a fun and unique way.

  • Fresh

    We take the freshest catch of seafood and crawfish straight from the Fishermen.  Allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of the sea.

  • Flavorful

    The Captain's Boil uses a secret blend of spices that only with the combination of the freshest seafood and Asian aromatics can provide you with an exotic taste for your sophisticated palate to experience. This experience will make you wanting to come back for more. 

  • Fun

    Only way to eat a seafood boil is with your hands! We don't provide forks or chopsticks. Your hands are all you need: one – peel the shell; two – dip it in the awesome sauce and enjoy; three – repeat. Get your messy on!!

How it works

Step 1

Choose Your Catch!

Step 2

Choose Your Flavor!


Lemon Pepper

Garlic Sauce

Captain's Boil (Mix All 3 Flavors)

Step 3

Choose Your Heat!

Non-Spicy (Keep it Simple)

Mild (Just a Little Heat)

Medium (Feelin' the Heat)

Fire (Smoking Hot!)